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Whether it's asset & inventory counts, asset software processes and implementations, or special projects for company consolidation and valuations, OFS Inventory-X can help.  At OFSIX, we provide these services to ensure our customers save on year-end taxes, find operational value, and streamline operations.  

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Our Services

In our ever-changing industries, acquisitions, consolidations, liquidations, and bankruptcies often occur. Your company's asset and inventory quantities and valuations could be the difference between success and failure. The Asset and Inventory Management Experts at OFS Inventory-X are here to help out your business find your company's exact value efficiently and within budget. 



Asset/Inventory Counts

With our years of experience, OFSIX guarantees it's efficiency and accuracy whether the size or scope of any asset and inventory count. We will find more value than our cost. 

Asset Management Software

Choosing the correct asset management software is extremely important to your operations. Maintaining your processes, data, and accuracy are just as important. We can help with it all. 

Asset Valuations

Your Asset valuations is one of the most important aspects of your business. Valuations effect your company's taxes, audits, and even investments.  Let us help you find your exact operational value. 

Quality Management Services

As certified auditors in ISO 9001, OFSIX can help implement your company's Quality Management Systems along with your Asset Management System. 

The OFS Alliance

OFS Inventory-X has an Alliance of companies can provide all customers with software implementation, software development, process improvement, inspection, and even HR. 

24/7 Consulting Support

Day or night, OFSIX can help with all asset and inventory software questions and issues. We are your OFS Asset and Inventory Management Experts. 

Ready to find out more?

OFS Inventory-X is here to help 24/7. Whether it's an asset or inventory count, asset/company valuations, finding missing assets, or asset management software implementation, we have the expertise and experience to help small to large sized companies with any of their asset and inventory management needs.

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Confidential Hose/Compressor Company

"Without the help of the team at OFSIX, we never would have been able to complete our inventory count in time for our financial year end!"


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