Finding Value and Saving Resources

Don't waste your company's precious time and resources on performing an asset and inventory count that will only lead to your company performing the same counts again and again. Do it right the first time with OFS Inventory-X. With our years of experience performing professional asset and inventory counts, we are able to help your company mitigate risk and ensure your accurate count and valuation. 

Save on Unnecessary Multiple Asset Counts

Finding the Correct Value of your Assets

At OFS Inventory-X, we guarantee that we will find more value in your asset and inventory stock than we charge. Keeping an accurate count and valuation will help all businesses with accreditation, consolidations/acquisitions, and operational planning. We can also help you save on your property and company taxes at the end of the year by valuing your company correctly. 

Have you ever been in a place where you have lost track of a company vehicle, forklift, or computer? We've all been there. OFS Inventory-X is here to help. Let OFSIX be the company to save you money, increase your valuation, and let you know your exact operational capacity. 

Finding Missing Assets and Equipment

Monthly Tracking of Inventory

Entering in received inventory is easy. Tracking your assets and inventory while going through manufacturing changes, shipments, and usage can prove difficult. OFS Inventory-X has the experience, knowledge, and efficiency to contribute in any situation to help your company improve its costs and valuations. 

Experts in Multiple Asset Management Softwares

With our extensive asset management software background and industry-related alliances, we can provide the partnership to help out with all inventory and asset needs. There is no need to worry about asset/inventory software issues that need to be resolved quickly. We are your first line and your best line of defense to solve time-sensitive issues due to our asset and inventory specific experience. 

OFS Inventory-X is designed to help businesses everywhere save resources when performing asset and inventory counts that could potentially save thousands. We are proud to assist any company in any industry who need our asset/inventory expertise, knowledge, and our ability to make sure companies know their exact valuation and asset/inventory quantities. 

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